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He was glad to see that Lucy wasn't going any further than very light petting though.At eighteen and while she was living under his roof, Lucy also knew that this was the limit.From peeping through windows, all the way to placing hidden cameras, there is a lot of sex going on and our voyeurs make sure to film a lot of it.Question of the century, how do real people have sex and what do they like while they're horny?It hadn't even crossed his mind that he might catch his daughter Lucy having sex with her boyfriend. Despite the fact that he was a single father he was convinced that he had raised his daughter well.

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He then looked at his handiwork, a very small camera he had mounted on a joist in the ceiling of his basement.Yet Bill smiled, thinking "Poor guy." Despite being her father, Bill was fully aware that Lucy was remarkably beautiful and sexy.Bright green eyes, long reddish blonde hair waving way below her shoulders and a sprinkling of light freckles on her cheeks, she stood out in any crowd.Remembering how he had felt with his girlfriends at eighteen, Bill felt some pity for Connor, Lucy's boyfriend. He hadn't noticed it the first time he had seen him months ago, but it was now obvious that Connor was built almost exactly like him.Both Bill and Connor were tall, large men with wide shoulders and big hands.

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