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Change the Batch Size on the newly created custom/bespoke courier and add the 'Tesco_clickandcollect' shipping service. Configure the Custom/Bespoke Courier to export your Tesco Click and Collect orders. Configure the Custom/Bespoke Courier to import the order tracking numbers. Turn on Auto Import in the Net Despatch Velocity Connector Software.Tesco has expanded its operations outside the UK to 11 other countries in the world. Go to and map 'Store_Collect' and 'MKTPLACE_Store_Collection' to the 'Tesco_Clickand Collect' shipping service.

Both companies stated that they were concentrating their efforts in countries where they had strong market positions.

Tesco Ireland also claims to be the largest purchaser of Irish food with an estimated €1.5 billion annually.

Tesco Ireland operates a small number of Tesco Extra hypermarkets in Ireland, with Clarehall Extra on the Malahide Road being the first to open in 2006.

Currently there are 27 Tesco Extra stores in Poland Tesco Slovakia opened in 1996 as part of Tesco's international expansion aims. Tesco Slovakia has recently put great emphasis on organic products.

However, Tesco Slovakia caused controversy amongst the Slovak government when it was found to have come foul of food safety laws in 2006.

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