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We’ve reduced telecommunication costs and installed solar lighting at major facilities, including Lancaster Municipal Stadium and our Performing Arts Center.We’ve established a number of commissions which provide Lancaster with the ability to steer itself into the future.Then, to further draw crowds to our weekly farmers’ market, as well as other downtown shopping, dining and entertainment businesses, we installed The BLVD’s walk-able design.

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In 2011, we realized crime reduction outcomes unheard of in our Valley’s recent history.As part of the infusion of economic progress with entrepreneurial spirit, the City has helped businesses do more with less, mirroring our own organizational practices and fiscal initiatives.Our Building Incentive Stimulus Program and Small Business Incubator have produced phenomenal results, bringing more entrepreneurial businesses to our City each year.Staff is continuously cutting costs in a sea of rising demands and expectations, representing the epitome of “doing more with less.” We’ve instituted online payment systems, which add convenience and reduce spending.We’ve instituted electronic processing for development applications, while offering a one-stop-shop for developers.

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