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I was really horny during my pregnancy, which is a surprise because my husband has always been the one with the higher libido.I asked him why he would not touch me, but he dismissed the question.I have only ever had anal sex"I currently have a boyfriend who knows I am a virgin and want to wait until marriage to have sex.The only problem is that he does not know I have had anal sex with my ex a few times. He believes I have never had sex and he has been really supportive, waiting."2.We stopped doing it with the classmate though, because she started asking to be paid. But the ones that really had a blast kept coming back."4.

I spend about 30 minutes with each one and I do it at nights after my children have gone to bed. I left my ex without a word and made my way to my man’s house. It was the hardest thing, keeping a smile on my face and acting like nothing is wrong.I masturbate to thoughts of him and I think of him when making love to my boyfriend."3.My Man And I Regularly Have Threesomes"The first time, we tried it with a classmate of mine who my boyfriend was attracted to. After an awkward beginning where neither of us knew how to proceed, we really got into it and had a good time. A lot of girls were up for it, out of curiosity, I guess.For now, nothing has happened, but one thing that I know for a fact is, if he ever came on to me, or shows any signs that he wants me sexually too, I would never be able to say no."9.My Husband Refuses To Have Sex With Me Since I Got Pregnant"Ever since we found out I was expecting, my husband has been hesitant to have sex with me.

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