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Es ist vollbracht, nach einer längeren Abwesenheit ist die neue Internetseite der Löschgruppe Langscheid nun endlich wieder online.Das System wurde umgestellt und wir haben der Seite einen neuen und zeitgemäßen „Look“ verpasst.Now I know Australia claims the Ugg as their own and true Ozzie icon but sheepskin or felt boots have been around from the beginning of time, as a visit to the Valenki Museum in Moscow would confirm.There you can see felt boots dating to the 4th century B. Excavations of an ancient burial mound at Pazyrlyk, in the Altai Mountains in the south of Siberia .The shoes are still made in Myshkin (a mouse’s town) small town north of the Volga River in the Yaroslavl region.The shoes are made by women (although traditionally were made by men) and sold in the local stores, often displayed in a mound surrounding a coffin.

Since the turn of this century the Russian valenki has become a key symbol of new Russia, a country now rediscovering its cultural heritage.

Demand for valenki today is so high in the big land that existing factories cannot satisfy demand.

The price for one pair of valenki ranges from 3 to 10 dollars (US).

When Catherine II (l762-1796) suffered from a peripheral nervous disease called radicolitis, she used her felt valenkis to insulate her legs and feet.

Lambs wool hairs traps air, which reflects body temperature thereby aiding blood circulation in the feet.

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